How to Use Online Courses to Slash the Cost of Applying to College

Barry Lenson

How to Use Online Courses to Slash the Cost of Applying to College

Cost of Applying to College Everyone is talking about the high cost of college tuition. Yet there are other costs too. They are the costs of applying to college, which can really add up. Let’s take a closer look . . .

$$$ for ACT and SAT test preparation tutoring and classes – An SAT or ACT prep class costs about $700. And if you opt for private tutoring instead, you will pay $2,000, $3,000 or more.

$$$ for college applications – Colleges charge big bucks – in the range between $40 and $80 – just to accept your application. And when you realize that many high school students today apply to 10, or even 20 colleges, that gives you an idea of just what the costs really are. Some families are spending $1,000, $1,500 or more, just to get their children’s applications reviewed.

$$$ for college visits – It’s not uncommon for families to spend $2,000, $3,000 or more, just to tour campuses and take tours.

$$$ for private college counseling – Although not every family hires a college counselor, many families do. They typically charge $250 - $300 for giving an hour of advice.

$$$ to take the standardized tests – It costs $41.50 to take the SAT (plus $21 if you register late). The ACT test costs $29.00, plus another $14.00 for the optional writing test section. And it’s not unusual for kids to take both tests two or even three times.

All those expenses put wealthier students at a big advantage when applying to college. They can afford to hire tutors. They can take tests over and over again to improve their scores. They can hire independent college counselors. And then there’s the big expense - they apply to a dozen colleges or more to increase their odds of getting in.

But there is another way – a simplified way to start earning college credits without any of the expenses outlined above. It’s called StraighterLine.  It lets students walk into classrooms without having to bankrupt their families ahead of time.

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