How To Start Saving on College With This Smart Hack

How To Start Saving on College With This  Smart Hack
Beth Dumbauld

Today’s post is the seventh in a series of practical tips on how to save money on college.

Today’s saving money on college tip is:

Enroll in a school with a liberal credit transfer policy that makes it easy for you to start college in a low-cost, low risk environment.

Pursuing an online degree requires commitment and discipline and is often more demanding on your time than you might expect. To avoid putting your finances and goals at risk, you can prepare for success in college in a a low-cost, low risk online learning environment.

According to the Pew Research Center, over 40% of households headed by young adults are burdened with student loan debt; many who never earned their degree. When you enroll in a degree program that makes it easy for you to start college in a low-cost online learning environment, student debt can be avoided.

"Over 40% of households headed by young adults are burdened with student loan debt; many never earned their degree."

Colleges that make it easy for students to transfer with online credit realize that prospective applicants who have completed coursework from rigorous online course providers like StraighterLine have a better understanding of what to expect in a formal online degree program, are better prepared to succeed, and are more likely to persist to graduation. Colleges with smart transfer policies make it easier for you to save on your degree, avoid student debt - and increase your likelihood of graduating on time.

Today’s scholarship highlight is:

scholarship_Liberty_123014Save up to 33% on your degree with the Liberty University Partner Discount & StraighterLine.

Liberty University Online is one of the participating StraighterLine Partner Colleges that offer a scholarship exclusively for StraighterLine transfer students.

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete just 4 StraighterLine courses to be eligible for a Liberty University Online Partner Discount.
  • Take the maximum number of courses at StraighterLine that fit into your degree program and save up to 33% on your degree from Liberty University Online.

It’s easy to qualify. There are no essays, lengthy applications or deadlines. All you need to do is complete four StraighterLine courses and transfer them to Liberty University Online. Your discount will be applied to the participating college’s tuition when you enroll.

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