How to Splat on Courses and Not Really Care

Barry Lenson

failed a courseDid you ever splat on a course? I sure did . . .

  • I splatted in both Algebra I and Algebra II. By the time I was three lesson units into each of them, I was far behind because I hadn’t grasped what was happening in the earlier weeks of class. I never caught up, and I got a D in each of them. SPLAT! I had to repeat both of those courses in summer school.
  • I waited too long to drop a language course. I forgot the drop date, walked into the Registrar’s office, said I wanted to drop the course, and SPLAT. I was too late. So I failed it, and my GPA dropped nearly half a point.

As you can tell, I was a splat-prone student. Too bad that I went to school before StraighterLine came along. If StraighterLine had been around in those days, I could have applied one or more of the following strategies . . .

  • I could have “field tested” those courses by taking them once online before I tried to take the “real” courses in school. With that extra preparation, I would have been better prepared to do well in the real courses when they really counted.
  • I could have taken courses online, and only reported the grade results to my school if I passed. That would have taken the risk out of the courses.
  • I could have taken extra time in Algebra and Algebra II on the units that I didn’t understand. I was slow at grasping mathematical concepts, but I wasn’t stupid. If I could have spent some extra time at my own pace, I could have built a foundation for later classes. I would probably have done pretty well in those classes the first time.
  • I could have asked a tutor or a professor for help. Nobody noticed when I was falling behind in the classes that I was splatting. Nobody offered me any help. (Granted, I should have asked for help – for some reason, I didn’t. Maybe I was embarrassed to admit that I was in trouble.) But StraighterLine offers the kind of support that could have kept me centered and moving ahead in those courses.

It is now too late for me to apply those strategies to keep me from getting into trouble in those courses. But here’s some good news. It isn’t too late for you.

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