How to Save Lots of Money when Picking a College Major

Barry Lenson

Picking a College MajorAccording to “Unexpected ways to save for college,” a video on, one of the best ways to save money on college is to know your major before you enroll in college and start paying for courses.

That makes sense. Every three-credit college course you take in a regular college could cost you more than $1,200 today. So if you have to take three or four courses before you can decide on your major, you’re throwing away a lot of money. And the costs can run even higher if you invest a year or more in one field and then decide to change your major.

How Online Courses Cut the Cost of Picking a College Major

If you’re not sure what your college major will be, you can save a lot of money by taking exploratory courses online.  They’re flexible, affordable, and can offer all the insight you need to pick the right college major the first time.

Example:  Every three-credit college course you take at StraighterLine costs you an average of $49, after you enroll in a monthly $99 subscription plan.  That means that taking one exploratory course could cost as little as $148, taking two exploratory courses in the same month could cost as little as $197, and taking three exploratory courses in the same month could cost you as little as $246. And there’s no risk. If you start a psychology course and decide that you don’t want to major in psychology, for example, you can just stop taking the course. You won’t get a low grade, and the course won’t appear on your college record.

How to Use StraighterLine Courses to Pick Your College Major

Here are some suggestions for great StraighterLine courses that can help you pick the right major without overspending . . .

To take the guesswork out of choosing courses at StraighterLine and picking your major, StraighterLine will create a personalized degree plan for you. Simply enter some information and you will receive a personalized degree plan within 24 business hours, or call (877) 787-8375 to speak with an Enrollment Counselor now. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars to pick your college major.

How to Save Money when Picking a College Major

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