How to Save a Fortune on Black Friday!

Barry Lenson

Black Friday is dangerous. Over the last few years, people have been trampled and physically attacked, just for trying to get through the doors of superstores to snag a sale item, a Tickle Me Elmo, or some other hot toy.

So stay home. While all those other people are standing outside the mall’s doors at 4:00 a.m., fire up your computer instead. You can save more money than they ever will, just by going signing up for some courses at StraighterLine.

  • Instead of buying a seltzer machine for or a $99, you can spend the same money on a course in College Algebra or English Composition.
  • Instead of plopping down $999 for a smart TV, you can spend that much on your first year of college.
  • Instead of buying a new iPad Mini for $300, you can take three courses of your choice.

And remember, StraighterLine courses aren’t only discounted on Black Friday. You can get them at low prices on Red Wednesday, Purple Monday, and all the other holidays you love.

Want another incentive? Drive to your town’s dump and look at all the discarded belongins there that people killed themselves to buy on Black Fridays over the past years. You’ll see a lot of stuff – vacuum cleaners that look like spaceships, huge televisions that date from before the flat screen era, VCRs, busted furniture, and other stuff that people just don’t want or need anymore. What you won’t see are any college courses. Nobody ever tossed one of those. After taking a college course, it remains a part of your life forever.

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