How To Refresh Your Math Skills (and Even Earn College Credit) Before Enrolling in College

How To Refresh Your Math Skills (and Even Earn College Credit) Before Enrolling in College
Beth Dumbauld

By Dan Gryboski, StraighterLine Professor of Math

You’ve decided that you want to earn a college degree. Great! A degree can unlock new opportunities for you. You will undoubtedly find that the process of earning a degree is an incredible journey of personal growth. In this post, let’s address one particular area of personal growth: math skills.

In most degree programs, you will be required to complete some math classes. Your first step is to review how many and which math courses you will be taking. You may have a few options in your math requirements, depending on your chosen degree.

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Once you determine which math classes you’ll be taking, your next step is to prepare yourself for what’s ahead. College math classes move at a fast rate. You’ll want to have your basic math skills at their peak so that you can hit the ground running.

Where do I start?

I understand that the multitude of books and online resources available may be dizzying. A personal favorite of mine is the “DeMystified” series of books. These books include nice diagrams for visual representations of the mathematical concepts. Some specifically helpful titles in the DeMystified series are, “Everyday Math,” “Pre-Algebra,” “Algebra,” and “Math Word Problems.”

Can I Get Credit?

If you want more guidance in completing your math preparation, consider taking an online math course at StraighterLine. These are self-paced, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind if you need some extra time mastering a particular concept. To get a feel for the course without risk, sign-up for a free trial and experience the first two lessons free. Also, each course has instructional videos that are aligned to the specific math concepts in various college-level math classes.

You can enroll in any of StraighterLine’s many math courses, from Introductory Algebra to College Algebra to Calculus to Business Statistics and you can earn fully transferable college credit when you complete each course!

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Extra Support

For even more guidance, you have the choice of enrolling in one of StraighterLine’s Professor-Led math courses. Included in the professor support are exam review guides, fast responses to your specific questions, and individualized instructional videos as needed.

Don’t let a fear of math come between you and your degree goals. There are many options available to help you advance your math skills prior to enrolling in college. And while you are doing so, you can earn college credit, save money – and be confident that you are well-prepared to succeed in your degree program.

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About the Author: Math Professor Dan Gryboski received his Bachelor's degree in Math and Computer Science from Colorado College. He wanted to design roller coasters, so he got his Master's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado. After working as an engineer for 4 years, he took the calling to become a teacher. Before teaching for StraighterLine, he taught math at community colleges, universities, and high school.

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