How to Have a Great Spring Break (and Get Something Important Accomplished Too)

Barry Lenson

How to Have a Great Spring Break (and Get Something Important Accomplished Too)

Okay, Mr. or Ms. College Student, are you on Spring break?

Congratulations. After all your hard work, you have earned the right to put the coursework aside, forget about research papers and exams – and hopefully, kick back and relax with your best friends in a setting that is miles away from your school. If a beach and some fun nightspots are part of the equation, all the better. Just have fun, be safe, and recharge your mental batteries before you head back to campus.

But even though you are relaxing, you can still accomplish some important things without putting a damper on your good time. Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of spring break . . .

  • Learn something from students from other schools. Maybe you’ll meet them at a coffee bar, over drinks, or even next to the pool. You don’t want to engage in formal “networking” at times like those, but you can still engage in some valuable conversations. Ask about the jobs they are considering post-graduation and about the internships they are lining up for this summer. You can also ask about graduate programs they are applying for, and more. You might hear about opportunities that are just right for you.
  • Read a book that will give you an edge when you return to school. If you are in a sociology class, for example, you could read Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 by Charles Murray.  It’s a hot bestseller that is chock full of demographic information that will equip you to make some great comments in the classroom when you return to school. Or if you are taking a business course, read Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, another bestseller about Apple’s founder. It will equip you to add some valuable contributions to classroom discussions, research papers, and more. And of course, these books are available for your tablet, Kindle, or other eBook reader. So you can plunge right into them while you are sitting by the pool.
  • Reconnect with important people via Skype or Facebook. Chances are that you have been so busy with school that you have lost touch with some people who are important to you – good friends from high school, former teachers who influenced you, and supervisors you worked for in summer jobs in the past.  Because spring break is a bit slower-paced, this could be a good time to reach out and rebuild those ties. The results can be personally rewarding, and possibly professionally rewarding too.

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