How to Graduate from Eleven Colleges in Two Hours

Barry Lenson

Above: See Ali G's blockbuster speech at Harvard University Class Day, 2013

The robes and mortarboards have been returned, the folding chairs are stored away.  Those are sure signs that most of 2013’s college graduation ceremonies are done. Yet thanks to YouTube, you can watch dozens of commencement speeches that were given just a few days ago by famous people. It’s almost as good as going to all those graduations. Actually it’s better, because you don’t have to sit in the pelting sun for hours and hours while hundreds of kids who you don’t even know parade by.

Here’s a selection of pretty cool 2013 commencement speeches that you can watch right now on YouTube. All the names below are clickable, so get ready for some fun viewing.

And Now that You’ve Attended Online Graduations . . .

Why not follow up by taking some online college courses too? Online graduation speeches and online learning . . .  PERfect together!

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