How to Get Hired in Skype Job Interviews

Barry Lenson

How to Get Hired in Skype Job Interviews

How to Get Hired in Skype Job InterviewsMore companies are using Skype or Google Chat interviews to screen applicants or even to make final hiring decisions. These interviews are tricky, because your interviewer is going to make a judgment about you based solely on what your webcam and microphone capture and transmit about you. It’s a make-or-break situation, but here are some tips that can move you to the head of the interviewing pack . . .

  • Angle the webcam so it points at the midpoint of your face. If it points up at your face from below, it makes the top of your head look smaller than it really is. If down, it makes the top of your head look big and your jaw look little.
  • Pick a simple wardrobe, like a white shirt and tie for men and a simple white tee for women. And keep jewelry small, because hoop earrings and a big necklace can dominate the image you are sending.
  • Wash your face before the interview, to avoid looking shiny. Just a little bit of oil on your face will produce a shine in a webcam shot. If you are a woman, powder your face lightly.
  • Look at the image that your webcam is capturing carefully and edit what your viewer will see. Ideally, he or she should see nothing but a blank wall behind you – no electrical wires dangling from outlets, no stuffed animals piled on your bed, no posters.
  • Get away from all sources of noise. Laptop microphones pick up background noise and often make it sound louder than your voice does. So close the windows, tell your roommate to shut off the radio, and even kill electric fans and air conditioners, which can provide an annoying drone.
  • Practice looking into the webcam while you talk. Looking around the room, at your keyboard, or elsewhere will make you appear unfocused and distracted during your online interview. Practice maintaining eye contact with your webcam instead. It’s also a good idea to make a video of yourself talking to your computer. Review it carefully to see how engaged and involved you seem to be.

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