How to Earn College Credit at a Straighterline Partner College

How to Earn College Credit at a Straighterline Partner College
Beth Dumbauld

Are you looking to enroll in an online college course -- and are currently attending or plan on attending -- a StraighterLine partner college? Do you have questions around how credit transfer works between StraighterLine and our partner colleges?

Learn how StraighterLine guarantees credit transfer of our online courses using our course equivalency guide developed in partnership with each of our accredited partner schools.

Accredited Partner Colleges for Your Degree

Whether you plan on earning your degree from a large state university, a public community college, or a small private college, your StraighterLine courses are guaranteed to transfer for credit into any one of our 130+ accredited partner colleges and universities. StraighterLine partner colleges offer students a clear way to take our online college courses to meet prerequisites, earn college credit, accelerate graduation, or return to school to to complete a college degree.

To date, nearly 90,000 students have enrolled in our low-cost online courses, on a path to flexibly and affordably reach their degree goals.

What is a Course Equivalency Guide?

A course equivalency guide is a document which provides students with a list of courses they can take at StraighterLine that will be accepted for credit at their school.

Our course equivalency guides, located on your school’s partner page on our site, spells out which courses you can take at StraighterLine and then transfer to your school for credit. After you successfully complete a course with us, you can transfer your course directly to one of our partner colleges with just one-click.

When you attend a StraighterLine partner college, you do not need an ACE Transcript for credit transfer.

How to Use a Course Equivalency Guide

When you go to your school’s partner page on our website, you’ll see a button which directs you to “View Course Equivalency.” When you click on the button, it will open a guide that will help you find the general education credits that will transfer into your school’s degree. You can search by the course name used at your school, find the equivalent course name at StraighterLine, and then see the number of credits that will transfer to your school. And if you are ready to enroll in a StraighterLine course, you can sign up right away and start your course immediately.

ACE CREDIT® Transfer

If you are not planning on attending a StraighterLine partner college, you can still earn college credit using ACE CREDIT®. ACE CREDIT® helps students gain academic credit for courses and examinations taken outside traditional degree programs, including the military and online college course providers like StraighterLine. StraighterLine courses have been evaluated and recommended for college credit by ACE CREDIT® which means once you have completed a StraighterLine course, you are eligible to receive an ACE Transcript for credit transfer purposes.

Over 2,000 schools consider ACE Transcripts for credit transfer, but you’ll need to work with your school’s registrar to verify if your course will transfer using ACE. Visit our course transfer page to learn more about ACE Credit transfer.

Keep in mind, not matter which college you choose as your next step towards your degree -- whether it is one of our partner colleges or a school that accepts ACE Credit -- the process of transferring your StraighterLine courses for credit is easy.

We’ve made it simple to understand transfer credit using our course equivalency guides for our partner colleges, or using our ACE CREDIT transfer guide for non-partners. Check out our courses today, and start the conversation with your student advisor or registrar about transferring StraighterLine courses for credit. Whether you are starting, or restarting your college degree; whether you are completing one course with us or ten--we’re excited for you to save on your degree with our growing college savings network.

Want to see how our online courses work? Take two free lessons on us today!

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