How to Earn a College Degree in 20 Minutes

Barry Lenson

Earn a College DegreeI have to admit that the title of today’s post is a little misleading. You can’t actually earn a college degree in 20 minutes. But you can earn a college degree if you can find one 20-minute chunk of time in a typical day and devote it to taking online courses.

Here’s how. Start out by taking one or two college courses here at StraighterLine. Knock them off in 20 minutes a day. Then transfer the credits you earned to one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges that will allow you to complete your college degree online.  Keep investing those 20-minute time chunks to do your coursework and in less time than you expect, you really can earn a college degree.

Where are you going to find those 20-minute time periods when you can fire up your computer and take classes online? Here are some suggestions . . .

  • Get up 20 minutes earlier every day and go to bed 20 minutes later. That actually nets you 40 minutes a day to devote to your online coursework.
  • Devote 20 minutes of your daily lunch period to online learning. If you’re holding down a job, you can go into a vacant office or conference room to log on. Or if you’ll be interrupted in those locations, go to a branch of your public library or to a coffee shop that has WiFi. Now that warm weather is coming, you could also do your studying on a bench outdoors.
  • Work during your bus or train commute. You’ll have to work out a way to stay online to do so. But if you can, you can turn your commuting time into useful classroom time.
  • Stop doing something dopey and take an online course instead. This strategy worked for me – I stopped doing the newspaper crossword puzzle every day and used the time I gained to take classes online. That small shift has helped me finish three online classes.

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