How to Complete Your Degree with Online Courses

How to Complete Your Degree with Online Courses
Beth Dumbauld

Need to complete your degree but are looking for an affordable (and flexible) way to do so?

Many college students find success by taking online college courses outside of their degree program. Whether you are experiencing financial issues, scheduling issues, or course availability in your current degree program, online courses can help you overcome the barriers standing between you and degree completion. Here’s how:

Class availability issues: If you find yourself shut out of prerequisite, general ed, or elective courses required for your degree because of class availability or scheduling issues, enrolling in an online course -- and transferring the credit -- allows you to stay on track academically and earn your degree in a timely manner.

Degree completion or degree acceleration programs: If you plan on earning your associate degree at one institution, and completing your bachelor’s degree  at another program, or plan on enrolling a degree completion or a degree acceleration program, you may find yourself short a number of college courses or college credit in order to qualify for admission. In this case, taking college courses and electives through online college course providers can help quickly and affordably fill in any credit gaps.

When you enroll in online courses through StraighterLine, you can start immediately and complete at your own pace.

Semester course limits: Students who want to complete their college degree at an accelerated rate may be restricted by their institution’s semester course policy limits or financial aid restrictions. Taking extra college courses each year through an online college course provider can bypass this constraint. By transferring online courses into your degree program, you can complete your degree on time and on your schedule.

Financial aid caps. Some students who have taken courses at multiple institutions, or have switched majors, may find themselves running into financial aid caps. In this case, any courses that are needed to complete your degree must be paid out-of-pocket. Online courses can be a much more affordable alternative than paying the full tuition cost at your school.

For students looking to pay less for college and graduate on time, online college courses may offer you most convenient way to affordably complete your degree. Why pay more?

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