How to Celebrate Earth Day by Taking College Science Courses... in a Cave, among the Wolves, and in the Lotus Position

Beth Dumbauld

Celebrate Earth DayBy Beth Dumbauld

If you are passionate about sustainability and environmental causes, there’s a good chance that you and science are well acquainted. Equally likely, your passion for nature has led you to live, even temporarily, in a remote location, and your schedule is anything but nine-to-five. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t earn college credits for environmental science while working in the field. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can let the natural earth be your classroom and take the online college science courses you need to move forward with your college plans.

This Earth Day, let your love of the Earth spin you one step closer to a college degree. With a firm foundation in science, you can be well on your way to making a meaningful difference in the world around you.

No matter where you live, or what college degree you intend on earning, you can celebrate Earth Day by signing up for StraighterLine online college courses, and quickly be on your way to earning a degree.

Depending on your passion for the environment, here are a few ideas:

1. College Courses for Students Who Love Caves, or Have Seen One Too Many Vampire Movies

If you live in a cave (or just wish you could), there’s a good chance that you have a vested interest in subject matters like biology, geology and chiropterology (the study of bats). Perhaps you have visions of being the scientist who ultimately cures white nose syndrome and saves thousands of bats, and crops in turn, by doing so. No matter your area of study, all scientific aspirations start with a strong foundation in math and science. Enroll in online college courses like Introduction to Biology or Introduction to Environmental Science, fire up your laptop, and study by the light of the screen.

2. College Courses for Students Who Fight Forest Fires 

If you are a fire jumper, you know first-hand the havoc that cycles of drought, lightning, and too much wind can have on a forest. Why not enroll in General Physics I or General Physics II and learn which way and why, the wind really does blow.

3. College Courses for Students Who Live in A Biosphere or Other Tight Quarters

If you plan on taking one or more environmental science classes, at some point you will explore the social environmental dilemma Garret Hardin examined in his article “The Tragedy of the Commons” published in the journal Science in 1968. His article indicates that many pressing environmental issues facing the Earth have little to do with a lack of knowledge about what’s best for society, and more to do with the psychology of individual human behavior. Plus, if you live in tight quarters, an understanding of Psychology can go a long way.

4. College Courses If You Want to Decrease Your Foot Print by Increasing Your Boot Print

If you are considering hiking some, or all, of the Appalachian Trail, you will have plenty of opportunities to channel both your inner Thoreau and outer E.O. Wilson. Who says environmental science and philosophical musings can’t go hand in hand? There’s something to be said, however, for satisfying both parts of the brain – indulge your wandering mind by completing college classes for credit in areas as diverse as English Composition I and Anatomy & Physiology I. By enrolling in flexible online college courses, you can complete your online college classes whenever and wherever you want, even starting in Georgia (at the beginning of the Appalachian Trail) and finishing them up in Maine (at the end of the Appalachian Trail). Earning college credit… now that’s a path worth following.

5. College Courses If You Are an Organic Farmer

If you live on an organic farm, or are just someone who aspires to make a difference in the environmental food chain, there are a variety of introductory online college courses that can move your education from the theoretical into the practical. For those who plan on working with dirt and food day-in and day-out, an understanding of chemistry is critical. Why not sign up for a college Chemistry class? After all, when your job depends on the weather, your schedule can be all over the place. If you plan on working the fields while earning your college degree, make sure the college courses you take are flexible enough to accommodate your schedule, not the other way around.

6. College Courses If You Are a Fan of Organic Farmers and Having a Healthy Lifestyle 

Taking an online college course in Nutrition can expand your knowledge to include the real science behind how food is used by your body. When earning college credit is a must, but you still want to attend a yoga instructor’s class while working towards your degree, consider enrolling in a StraighterLine online Personal Fitness & Wellness course. With asynchronous learning, you don’t have to choose between earning a college degree in healthcare and pursuing your healthy lifestyle passions. With online college courses, you have the flexibility to pursue both.

Whether, you’d like to live among the wolves, have considered chaining yourself to a tree, or merely aspire to work for a company with sustainable business practices – StraighterLine offers a variety of online science courses that can help your reach your goals. With StraighterLine, you can quickly, affordably, and remotely earn real college credits for college courses directly related to your environmental dreams.

Happy Earth Day!

Beth Dumbauld is a writer who is passionate about helping others save money and time. She received her MBA from the University of Colorado and currently lives near Cincinnati, Ohio.

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