How to Attend Yale Tuition-Free (and Get a Mint on Your Pillow Too!)

Barry Lenson

How to Attend Yale Tuition-Free (and Get a Mint on Your Pillow Too!)

How to Attend Yale Tuition-FreeWould you like to go to Yale University without going through all the bother of finishing high school, taking the SATs, filling out an admissions application, or going to any annoying classes after you get in?

Have we got a deal for you! A hotel called The Study at Yale promises a tweedy Ivy-League Yalie kind of experience for you and your guests. The hotel is located at 1157 Chapel Street, adjacent to campus.  If you look at the photos of the hotel on the hotel’s website, you’ll notice that the management has taken great pains to make its rooms reminiscent of dorm rooms, only more luxurious.

To quote from the hotel’s online description . . .

“Standard guestrooms feature a comfortable leather reading chair with ottoman, extended work surface, lofty feather bed, seersucker robes, glass-enclosed shower, flat screen television, and complimentary wireless high-speed internet. Most of the Studies feature a separate den with stocked bookshelves.”

The hotel also promises Yale-centered amenities, like help in getting tickets to campus concerts and sporting events. Even the room service menu is puttin’ on airs, calling itself “Food for Thought.”

Is the Hotel Cheaper than Yale?

That’s the big question. And we are sorry to report that if you were to stay in the Study at Yale for an entire school year, it would actually cost you a bit more than attending a year at Yale University.

Here’s how we figured that out . . .

The cheapest room at the hotel seems to be $239 a night. Since there are about 270 days in a school year, give or take, that means that staying at the Study at Yale for the whole school year would set you back about $64,800. That’s around $10,000 more than attending Yale for a year.

You could probably bring that cost down a bit if you checked out and went home for Christmas break and other periods when the school is closed. But let’s not push that line of thinking too far.

If you’re an oldster who is eager to relive your bright college years, here’s your chance to relive it all without any annoying lectures, term papers, exams, or roommates.

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