How to Ace Your AP Calculus AB Test with Online Preparation

How to Ace Your AP Calculus AB Test with Online Preparation
Barry Lenson

How to Ace Your AP Calculus AB Test with Online Preparation

If you’re signed up to take the AP Calculus AB Test, you already know that test day will be coming up fast. The clock is ticking.

It’s a tough test – The College Board made sure of that. But before you break out in a clammy sweat, remember that you have almost a whole month to prepare for it. And remember, there are significant rewards. Passing the test will earn college credit and make life in college a lot easier for you by taking one BIG college course off your plate. And heck, you might never have to take Calculus again in your life, right?

There is a very obvious reason why Calculus AB is a big test that covers a lot of material. It’s because Calculus AB was a very big course that covered lots of material! That’s why it is important to review carefully before test day arrives. And as you review, you would also be smart to focus extra hard on areas where your knowledge is weak, or where your instructor might have skipped key concepts.

One of the best ways to do that is to take an online Calculus course. If you get started soon and get prepared, the stress of test prep will disappear fast – and you’ll do a lot better on the test too.    

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Three Tips for Effective AP test Preparation . . . 

  • Start early - the sooner you start to prepare, the better you will do.
  • Get organized - pinpoint any weak areas and focus in on them carefully.
  • Review important concepts several times - repetition helps to cement them in your mind.

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