How the Affordable Care Act will Create Opportunities in Health Care Professions

Barry Lenson

How the Affordable Care Act will Create Opportunities in Health Care Professions

Opportunities in Health Care Professions  Even though certain political factions are still hoping to overturn the Affordable Care Act, the fact that its constitutionality survived scrutiny by the Supreme Court indicates that the bill is destined to survive.

We’re not going to discuss politics here on this blog. (As you have noticed, we never do.) What we will do, however, is take a quick look at how the Affordable Care Act will create new job opportunities in the medical care professions.

We took out our crystal ball and here are some opportunities that are likely to result . . .

  • Demand will increase for medical billers and coders. In time, the Affordable Care Act could actually reduce paperwork and red tape for medical care providers. But not soon. In fact, there should be increased demand for people who are trained to fill out and submit medical insurance forms.
  • The demand for nurses will surge. Demand has already increased dramatically for Nurse Practitioners as they have taken on more of the duties that were previously the domain of physicians. But that is just one indication of a wider trend. The demand for all nurses is about to surge. One very simple reason? Many more Americans will have access to health care services. And as in the past, nurses will be on the front lines.
  • The demand for other medical specialists will increase too. Whether you are training to be a medical lab technician, a dental assistant, an x-ray technician, a physical therapist, or a patient care specialist, demand for your services is about to increase.

In short, the demand for trained health care professionals is about to increase dramatically. This could be the time to start your training and position yourself for success in the years ahead.

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