How Suite It Is! Great hotel choices for distance learners

Barry Lenson

Are you taking your laptop along on vacation this summer? What a great idea. Since you’re a distance learner, there’s no need to put your learning on hold just because you’re on the move.

Here’s a little advice for you. Consider staying at a hotel that offers suite-style accommodations. In a suite, you’ll have more room to set up an area for study – possibly in a different room from the one where your family or fellow travelers will sleep.

That difference makes suites a great choice for students. Better yet, some suites offer very attractive packages. Let’s take a closer look.

InTown Suites, a national chain, offers apartment-like units at very attractive prices - as low as $149-$299 a week. The only catches: You have to check in during business hours, and stay for at least a week. To learn more, call 800-553-9338 or CLICK HERE.

HomeWood Suites and Embassy Suites, both divisions of Hilton, offer small apartments. Prices range from about $99 a night to more than $200 for more desirable locations. To learn more, call 800-560-7964or CLICK HERE.

SpringHill Suites, a division of Marriott, offers small apartment-style suites in many desirable vacation locations. Prices range from about $150 a night to more than $200, depending on location. To learn more, call 888-236-2427 or CLICK HERE.

So should you take your virtual classroom with you on vacation? Yes you should – especially if you stay in a hotel that gives you a little extra room to kick back and study.

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