How StraighterLine Saves Taxpayers’ Money

Barry Lenson

Here at the StraighterLine blog, we spend a lot of time pointing out that StraighterLine students enjoy tremendous financial advantages. They can take college courses online for as little as $99 each, they can complete a year of college for less than $1,000 – and the list of benefits goes on and on.

One thing that we have not pointed out, however, is the fact that StraighterLine is also saving taxpayers’ dollars. Just look at these statistics from, The Public Costs of Higher Education, a new report from Sonecon, an economic advisory firm . . .

  • President Obama’s initiative to have 5 million more Americans earn certificates or associates degrees will cost American taxpayers more than $200 billion.
  • Federal, state, and local governments currently chip in $7,065 every year toward the education of every student at four-year private colleges and universities . . . and $15,540 at public institutions.

And there’s also this news from the U.S. Department of Education . . .

“On August 10, the President signed into law P.L. 111-226. This law appropriates $10 billion for an Education Jobs Fund, similar to the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. It also rescinds various appropriations, including FY 2010 funds for the following ED programs and activities: $50 million for the Striving Readers comprehensive literacy development and education program; $82 million for Student Aid Administration; and $10.7 million for the Ready to Teach program.”

So the bottom line is, American taxpayers are being asked to pay a lot of money to finance the education of Americans.

StraighterLine is very much in favor of educating Americans. But do you know what? We’ve figured out a way to do it without asking every U.S. citizen to turn their pockets inside-out to help pay the costs.

If you think that is a good thing, please take a moment to comment on this post to tell us why.
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