How Online Courses Can Open the Door to Your Online College Degree

Barry Lenson

Online College DegreeYou already know that more and more colleges are offering individual courses online.  But did you know that America is also seeing a dramatic increase in the number of institutions that are offering complete degree programs online?

To get an idea of how the popularity of online degrees is increasing, you need only look at US News, which now ranks colleges that offer online degree programs alongside colleges that offer instruction in traditional classroom settings.

What Does this Trend Mean for You?

The growing number of online degree programs can spell opportunity for you, for reasons like these . . .

  • You can get into the college of your choice without engaging in a complicated and costly admissions process. You can take a few online courses, transfer the credits you earn to the college of your choice, and start college right away.
  • You can better control your budget and cut costs.  Many colleges that offer online degrees allow students to pay for the courses that they take, when they take them. The result is that it is easier to budget, and not always necessary to pay hefty annual tuition fees.
  • You can jumpstart your online degree program by taking a few online courses and then transferring the credits you earn to an accredited, degree-granting institution like one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges.
  • You can make a wiser decision about what your major should be. Instead of attending a college while you pick your major field of study, you can easily take just a few focused college courses online and make your decision afterwards. The result? It is easier to avoid making a costly mistake by picking the wrong major.

You’ll Enjoy these Traditional Benefits of Online Education Too

When you pursue your degree at an online institution you will enjoy these benefits too, which we have often written about on this blog . . .

flexibility  . . . convenience . . . cost savings . . . the ability to take classes while working or raising children

No mistake about it, this could be the best time ever to be a college student. Online learning is revolutionizing what it means to go to college and earn a degree today.

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