How Online Students Can Compete with Other College Grads at Job Interviews

Barry Lenson

Online Students and JobsIts 2013. And it’s a great climate for online students. Students who have shown the ambition to take courses and/or finish college by taking courses online have won new respect in the marketplace. The days are gone when online students had to learn to present themselves as second-class citizens in the world of American higher education.

So hold your head high as you go into job interviews. And remember these strategies. They’ll show your interviewers that you merit equal consideration alongside other graduates who went to regular “brick and mortar” schools . . .

  • Tell your personal story. You, like most online students, probably have something unusual to say about why you chose to study online. Perhaps you were working a full-time job and needed to find a flexible way to complete a college degree. Or maybe you started to take online courses while you were in the Army, the Marines, or another branch of the military. Stories like those tell prospective employers that you are a strong and ambitious person – the very kind of employee they would like to hire.
  • Talk actively about your courses. If you describe what you learned in algebra, math, or science, you interviewers will see that your courses were just as thorough as others that are taught in classrooms. Also consider bringing in examples of your assignments – and your college transcript - to bring your online experience to life.
  • Talk about the role that online education will continue to play in your professional development. Now that you have put online courses to work for you, you can continue to use them to build your career.  If you are interviewing for a job in HR, for example, describe how you will continue to train yourself by taking online courses to enhance your skills.

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