How Online Courses Can Help You Transfer Colleges

Barry Lenson

Transfer colleges“A Third of Students Transfer Before Graduating, and Many Head Toward Community Colleges,” a 2012 article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, cites statistics compiled by The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center: “Transfer rates are similar for full- and part-time students, 32.6 and 33.9 percent, respectively . . .  More than a quarter of all transfers cross state lines, and students' preferred destination is public two-year institutions (except when those are the origin). The most common time for transfer, the report says, is in a student's second year.”

So the message is clear. If you’re thinking of leaving your current college behind and transferring to another school, you’re not alone. And the good news is that online courses can be an effective tool to help you move from one college to another . . .

  • If you’re changing career paths, online courses can help establish you as a qualified student. Whether you’re planning to pursue a career in healthcare, criminal justice, or another field, taking the right online courses can build your profile and help you get into the school of your choice.
  • Online courses are grade-boosters. If some of the grades you earned at your old college could use a little boost, repeating classes online and earning higher grades can make you a more attractive student to the college you would like to attend.
  • Online courses can help you complete required courses before you apply to transfer. If your current college and your targeted college require similar core curricular courses like U.S. History or English Composition, completing all of them them online now makes a lot of sense. You’ll be a stronger candidate, start at your new college with a clean slate, and save money too.

And Don’t Forget the StraighterLine Partner College Option Too 

If you’re thinking of transferring, have you considered one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges as your target school? If not, you should. They are all excellent colleges that will accept the credits that you earn in StraighterLine courses, and then admit you as a regular student.

StraighterLine Partner Colleges offer you the simplest, most streamlined way to transfer colleges – and they could help make your dream of changing schools come true.

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