How Do You Know if You Are Paying Too Much to Complete Your College Degree?

How Do You Know if You Are Paying Too Much to Complete Your College Degree?
Beth Dumbauld

A high percentage of college students need to take college courses outside of their degree program. And in general, you’ll find that you cannot use financial aid to take these courses. If your goal is to affordably earn a college degree--and to be sure you’re not paying too much--you need to pay attention to the cost of any college course that you intend to transfer, for credit, back into your college degree program.

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Why do Students Take College Courses Outside a Degree Program?

For many students, taking college courses outside a college degree program is not a choice, it’s a necessity. Here’s why:

1- Shut out of prerequisite college courses required for your degree because of class availability issues. Taking prerequisite college courses online for credit allows a student to stay on track academically and earn their degree in a timely manner.

2- Degree completion program eligibility. Students who plan on earning their associate degree at one institution, and completing their bachelor’s degree through a degree completion program may find themselves short a number of college courses. If this is your case, taking required college courses and electives through online college course providers can help affordably fill this gap, particularly when student loans are not an option.

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3- Semester course limits. Students who want to complete their college degree at an accelerated rate may be restricted by their institution’s semester course policy limits or financial aid restrictions. By taking extra college courses each year through an online college course provider (and transferring them into your degree program), you can realistically reduce a semester to an entire year’s worth of college tuition (and student loans).

Why Pay More When You Can Pay Less for Courses

If you pay, out-of-pocket, more than $99 per month to take a college courses that you can complete, for credit, through StraighterLine, you are paying too much to complete your college degree. Seriously, it’s that simple. With online education, you have options. Be sure to know which options fit your situation best. Innovation in higher ed has grown exponentially over the last few years. If you haven’t explored the cost savings opportunities associated with online education recently, it’s time to see how much time and money you can save.

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It’s Not Too Late to Reduce the Cost of Earning Your College Degree…

If you are like most adult learners, your focus is on earning your degree, as it should be. But don’t let that focus steer you away from using your common sense. Alternative college credit options, like online college courses, may offer you most convenient way to affordably complete your degree. Why pay more?

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