How Can Online Students Get the Best Health Care Insurance?

Barry Lenson

How Can Online Students Get the Best Health Care Insurance?

How Can Online Students Get the Best Health Care Insurance?

Thanks to the new Affordable Care Act, young Americans up to the age of 26 can still be enrolled and covered by their parents’ medical insurance policies. And if you are about to turn 27, you can call your family’s insurance provider and ask about continuing coverage as an individual.

But what if you’re a student younger than age 26, and your parents don't have a policy? You’re young, you’re healthy, but you don’t have a bundle of money to spend on healthcare insurance.

Here are some options you can check out . . .

  • The American College Student Association can help college students obtain solid, low-cost insurance that meets their needs. This organization even offers specialized policies for students who only need a semester’s worth of coverage, who are traveling abroad, or who have other unusual coverage needs.
  • offers a searchable database of health insurance providers and their offerings. There is a special searchable database of student policies too.
  • Horizon offers a number of healthcare plans, including some for students. But the best way to obtain information is to call 1-888-425-9439.

Sad to say . . .

As I was researching this post, I discovered that a number of insurance companies are not yet offering many policies for students who are attending college online. Aetna, for example, is currently writing policies for students who are attending one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges – Liberty University. But as online education continues to enter the mainstream, that is bound to change.

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