How Busy Working Moms Can Go Back to Finish College

Barry Lenson

going back to collegeWhen working mothers say, “I am too busy to go to college,” they are not making silly excuses.

Watching kids . . . getting them fed, dressed and off to school . . . working a job . . . keeping a household running . . . what other kind of life could place more stress on anyone?

If you’re a working mother who would like to go back to college – or start college for the first time - online classes can be the solution. Here are some advantages to keep in mind . . .

  • You can take online college courses during any time you have available. StraighterLine students, for example, have reported that they have completed college courses by working over lunch hours at work. Others have been able to fit in an hour for coursework every morning before their kids are up, or every evening after they go to bed. The flexibility makes all the difference.
  • You can take all the time you need to complete your courses. There are no deadlines to finish StraighterLine online courses. If it takes you six weeks to complete one, or 10 weeks, it just doesn’t matter. You can move ahead and keep moving ahead toward your educational goals, no matter what kind of schedule you need to follow.
  • There’s no need to find someone to look after your kids while you go off to class. Your computer is your virtual classroom – no need to drive to a community or other college one night a week to attend class.

There are other advantages too. Some student mothers report that their kids develop better study habits when they see their moms studying. Others report that as college graduates, they can earn more to support their families. And others say that going back to college simply makes their kids proud of them.

So even though “I am too busy to go back to college” is a good excuse, is it valid enough to keep your dreams on hold forever? That decision is up to you. But with the right online courses, your educational ambitions could become a reality.

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