How Are You Spending Your Time Until Your College Acceptance Letters Arrive?

Barry Lenson

College Acceptance LettersAll across America, tens of thousands of students are cooling their heels until April, when college acceptance letters will arrive in the mail.

If you’re one of them, you already know how it feels. After all those months – years, actually – of intense preparation to get into college, it’s a letdown. Until a few months ago, your plate was very full. You were getting tutored for your SATs, taking AP classes and tests, cranking to keep your GPA up in the stratosphere, filling out applications, writing admissions essays, traveling to visit colleges – and now you are supposed to sit back and cool your heels until colleges let you in.

So . . . how are you going to spend your time until those nice and fat big admissions packets start to thud through your mail slot?  We have some choices for you . . .

  • Choice #1: You could lie on the couch and watch “How I Met Your Mother” reruns, or you could take a College Algebra course so you’ll be ready to coast through college algebra next year when it really counts.
  • Choice #2: You could pick your toes, or you could take an Introduction to Psychology course and understand what’s motiving you to pick them. The choice is yours.
  • Choice #3: You could hang out with your friends at the mall, or you could take a course in English Composition and be ready to knock `em dead when you show off your writing chops after you arrive on campus next year.
  • Choice #4: You could feel grumpy because you will soon have to go out and look for some kind of lame summer job, or you could take a course now in Business Communications or Principles of Management and qualify for a more meaningful and profitable summer job. Again, the choice is up to you.

You’re getting the idea. Just because things seem slow right now doesn’t mean that you have to stall. If you get up off the couch right now and get going, you can keep your studies and your life moving ahead. And by the way, congratulations in advance for all the college acceptances you’ll be getting in about six weeks.

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