Hottest Blog Posts of 2012

Barry Lenson

All the posts we publish on the StraighterLine Blog are masterpieces – of course! However, some are apparently more mastery than others.

These posts are the best of 2012 and a few from 2011 that continue to be some of our readers favorites.


Your resume is your landing page.  In our electronic age, your resume will work harder for you if you think of it as your personal website and apply some of these strategies.

Getting into College Made Easy: How to Write Your College Admissions Essay.  Are you nervous about writing your college admissions essay? Don’t be. It is actually simpler than you expect, if you follow this advice.

How to Improve your SAT Score without Spending a Cent. In fairness, there are valid reasons to pay a tutoring company to boost your scores. The problem is that a lot of students who are thinking about the SAT for the first time call a tutoring company before they even crack open a prep book or consider how they can improve their scores on their own.

Why It Pays to Think Like an Ant When Getting Into College. The point is, think like a little ant and refuse to give up. There is always a way around obstacles for people with the will, imagination and ambition to keep moving toward their dreams. 

Busted Myth of the Week: You Have to Take the SAT and ACT to Get Into College. Do you have to take the SAT or the ACT before you can get into college? No, you don’t. A growing number of colleges and universities are “SAT and ACT optional,” meaning that they will consider applicants who have not taken either test.

Should a Bible College Be Part of Your Educational Plans?  We’ve covered many different kinds of colleges on this blog, including two-year colleges, three-year collegescommunity colleges, foreign colleges, for-profit colleges, and other varieties as well. But until now, we have not written about another kind of college that could figure prominently in the lives of many students – maybe you? I am referring to Bible colleges.

It’s Time for Online Degree Programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. When Dr. John Wilson delivered the keynote address at the 2011 United States Distance Learning Association Public Policy Forum on October 6, 2011 his message was clear. Wilson, who is executive director of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), stated strongly that it is time for HBCUs ramp up their distance learning offerings and offer online degree programs.


How One Student Uses StraighterLine to Prepare for Medical School.  Inessa Volkonidina majored in Biology at Long Island University. She is now working full-time at a manufacturing company while she prepares for medical school. How is she getting ready? By taking online courses at StraighterLine.

Medical Terminology Made Simple: Poison Ivy Dermatitis.  Poison ivy is no joke. The irritant that it contains – an oil called urushiol – is one of the most irritating substances found anywhere, especially for people who are have strong allergic reactions to it.  If you come into contact with the stuff, it can take weeks until the painful rash that it causes subsides.


The American Student Bill of Rights.  We’re doing something unusual on the StraighterLine Blog. We’re creating The American Student Bill of Rights. It’s a list of rights that students are entitled to in America. And we invite you to contribute to this document, by adding additional rights that students should be able to expect.


How to Graduate from College Faster and Save Money.  How much money can you save by completing your college studies faster? It is pretty easy to calculate. You don’t even need to take a math class! If tuition at your college costs $20,000 a year and you can graduate in three years instead of four, you are going to save $20,000. If you go to a private college that costs you $50,000 a year, you will save $50,000 if you lose a year. And so on.


Online Colleges Rush to Become More Like Hogwarts. Special wizarding laptops will be offered by computer makers.  Most will come equipped with subwoofers and surround speakers to provide the sonic power to represent all the explosions, implosions and other big bangs that accompany the teaching of spells.

World’s Most Dangerous School Clothing Revealed! It’s official. Jeggings are the most subversive form of clothing that young women have ever worn to school.

Henry David Thoreau Went to StraighterLine.  Okay, we admit it. The title of today’s post is a lie. Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), the great American transcendentalist philosopher, never took courses at StraighterLine. But if StraighterLine had been around when Henry David was alive, he would have been a student here.

Ivy Bombshell: All Columbia University Classes to Be Taught by Mimes. Columbia University’s President Lee C. Bollinger announced today that with the start of the 2011-2012 academic year, all instruction at the Ivy League institution will be delivered in the form of mime, not spoken communications.

Knowledge through Art: What today’s Students Can Learn from Animal House. Class divisions are still ingrained in American college life. Students likeDoug Niedermeyer, Mandy and their upscale cohorts still exist on many American college campuses. They are entitled, wealthy kids – sometimes, the children of well-connected alumni – who enjoy all the privileges. And somehow they’re still on the scene, even though nearly 35 years have passed since Animal House was made.


Why AP Calculus is the Scariest AP Test of All.  So, what is the one subject that causes the most fear and anxiety in students who are hoping to pass an AP exam to earn college credit? We’re going to go out on a limb here and say what that subject is. It’s AP Calculus.






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