Hot Summer Books Quiz

Barry Lenson

Hot Summer Books Quiz

Hot Summer Books Quiz  Nothing is dopier than a list of hot books for summer reading. If you think I am kidding, look at a list of hot summer books that I put together for this blog two years ago.

But I’ve reformed, and here is a different approach to a list of best-selling books for summer reading. It’s a quiz.

You will find descriptions of some actual bestsellers below. But mixed among them are descriptions of books that I made up - books that don’t exist. Your job is to read the descriptions and decide which are real books, and which are spoofs. So here we go . . .

1) The House on Hedge Street by Vincent Colombo

When Viveca Houston inherits an old family mansion from her reclusive uncle Manfred, she moves in and discovers that odd things are happening there. Terrible things.

Is this a real book? □ yes  □ no

2) A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin – We’re in a world where kings, queens, and knights are preparing for a winter that will last for 40 years. (Imagine the oil bills.) These folks will have to protect themselves from come creatures called The Others, who are about to invade from someplace that promises to be even colder. And you know what? The Others are not nice guys.

Is this a real book? □ yes  □ no

3) Drop All Your Weight Now! by Dr. Neil Sprander

A liquid diet, coupled with daily bungee jumping, makes the pounds literally fall off.

Is this a real book? □ yes  □ no

4) Big Sky Country by Linda Lael Miller

This western-style book is set someplace called Parable, Montana. (Thud.) The life of a bad-guy kind of character named Slade Barlow (thud) collides with that of a good-girl kind of character named Joslyn Kirk. And stuff gets complicated.

Is this a real book? □ yes  □ no

5) A Cacophony of Locusts by Beatrice Connolly

Romance comes looking for Carolyn Merriweather, a widow who gave up on love, on an island off the coast of Maine during a torrid summer in this slim volume by Beatrice Connolly, former hedge fund manager turned bestselling novelist.

Is this a real book? □ yes  □ no

6) The Unexpected Husband by Debbie Macomber

A woman named Caroline Lomax (ever meet anybody named Lomax???) reconnects with a man named Ted Thomasson while they are on jury duty. Turns out they knew each other when they were in school, when Ted was a nerd. Who would ever guess that he is now . . . attractive?

Is this a real book? □ yes  □ no

7) The Boy with the Velvet Antler by Harriet Antwerp

There’s something really, really different about Geoffrey.

Is this a real book? □ yes  □ no

8) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson

A disgraced journalist named Mikael Blomkvist is about to investigate the disappearance of a wealthy woman 40 years before. For help, he naturally picks a girl with a dragon tattoo (who else?) named Lisbeth Salander, which sounds kind of like salamander, which is kind of like her tattoo. She’s weird.

Is this a real book? □ yes  □ no

9) Find Love in Your Own Back Yard by Natalie Mortenson

How to find love, apparently in your own back yard. (Could be a real good idea, or a real bad one.)

Is this a real book? □ yes  □ no

10) The 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno

If you have to look really good on the beach 18 days from now, here’s your plan. Contains a lot of sound nutritional advice, mixed in with motivation.

Is this a real book? □ yes  □ no

Which Books Are Real?

Okay, we made it easy for you to score your quiz. All the odd-numbered books are fakes, and all the even-numbered ones are real. How’s that for easy?

So go you forth and enjoy a cool summer of hot reading!

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