Hot Baby Names for Year 2013 Will Be All about Computers

Barry Lenson

“Parents looking for 'cool factor' in baby names,” an article in USAToday on November 29, reported that some of the hottest baby names today are Aiden, Jackson, Ethan (for boys) and Sophia, Emma and Olivia (for girls).

Well, could be. But mark our words. We predict that 2013 will be the year when trendy parents will begin to give their kids computer-related names. It’s going to happen, and you’ll be convinced when you get a load of what are soon to be the hottest baby names of 2013 and beyond . . .
Router – What a great name for a son! It has a certain verve that you just don’t get with Joseph. Example: Router Levine
Mouse Pad – Another great choice, equally good for a boy or a girl. Plus, it can be condensed into M.P., a great nickname. (You could also consider Track Pad, or T.P.) Example: Mouse Pad Jones
Distance Learner – What a great name for a boy or girl. It will send your son or daughter on a path of seeking truth. Example: Distance Learner Deloitte
Key Word – This is the name for the kid who wants to tell the world that he or she is down with the latest trends. Example: Key Word Reilly
Hard Drive – Another great one. We’re betting that one cast member of a major reality show will be named Hard Drive this year, probably on “Jersey Shore.” Example: Edmund “Hard Drive” Carlucci
Google – Just the best name possible. Example: Google Molina
Bing – This is already a classic. Example: Bing Crosby
Ethernet – A great name for a girl – much better than Chelsea, if you’ve been considering that. It implies a certain angelic other-worldliness that some parents want in a girl’s name. Example: Ethernet Collins
Operating System – A great name for a boy or girl who will grow up to be a successful entrepreneur. Example: Operating System Williams
Defrag (can also be spelled DeFrag) – Just a great name that implies a certain cut-the-nonsense simplicity. Example: Defrag Patel
Search Engine – This name implies a certain laser-like focus on what’s most important. Example: Search Engine Gillespie
Tablet (can also be spelled Tablette for girls) – A great name for a kid who will love simplicity and efficiency. Example: Tablet Murphy
And which baby names are you considering if you are a parent-to-be? Why not take a second to let us know by responding to this blog?

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