Guidance Counselors: Serve All Your Students

Barry Lenson

Guidance Counselors: Serve All Your Students

It seems like a lot of high school guidance counselors still think that their job is mostly to direct students to traditional colleges and universities – the places with the grassy quadrangles, packed lecture halls and astronomical fees.

If you’re a guidance counselor, you’re not like that, are you? We hope that you are one of the more enlightened counselors who realizes that online education is now part of the American landscape of higher education. Even U.S. News recently wrote that online learning is growing at a “meteoric” rate. And with good reason. In the current economic climate, more families need an educational option that delivers more and charges less. And distance learning courses fill that need.

Who Should You Talk to About Online Education?

If you’re like many American guidance counselors, you are already working with a large number of students – maybe hundreds of them. Which of them should you tell about online learning?

Students who are undecided about whether they are ready for college study. The right kind of online instruction – such as the courses offered at StraighterLine – let your students try out the college experience to see whether post-secondary education should be part of their long-term plans.

Students who have not been able to obtain the financial assistance they need to attend college. In the current economic climate, such students are a growing part of the American high school population.  For them, the right kind of online learning can provide a cost-effective alternative to regular colleges.

Students who have not been accepted by the colleges they really wanted to attend. Taking college courses online, or enrolling in an online institution, can bridge the gap until they reapply to colleges again later on.

Students who may are entering the military instead of starting college right away. You doubtless have some of these students in your group of counselees. Some of them might not be aware that they can pursue a college education while they are in the service – not afterwards. They'd probably like to know about this option.

Students who need to work after high school. Not all families have the resources to send their children directly to expensive American colleges. They can benefit by knowing about the cost-saving benefits of online education.

Remember, too, that StraighterLine offers a streamlined path to entering college – one that doesn’t require standardized tests, letters of reference or the all the other rigmarole that usually accompanies applying to college. Your counselees can take courses online, and then transfer the credits they earn to college, thanks to the American Council on Education Credit. They can also take courses online and get accepted into more than 20 StraighterLine Partner Colleges.

So if you’re an American guidance counselor, it really is time to know about the opportunities and advantages of online education. It’s not just for “other” students. It’s for the students you are counseling today.

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