Government Does the Unthinkable and Axes Tuition Assistance for Service Members

Barry Lenson

Tuition Assistance for Service MembersPoliticians never miss an opportunity to thank our nation’s military personnel for their “superb” service to America. They never pass up the chance to be photographed with soldiers. They give great lip service to supporting our veterans.

That’s what makes this news so hard to take . . .

When the bundle of cost-cutting measures commonly referred to as “sequestration” took effect this month, members of Congress sat idly by and allowed tuition assistance programs to be cut for members of the Air Force and Marine Corps.  Not one congressman or congresswoman stopped the punitive and blatantly unpatriotic action of cutting tuition assistance for our soldiers.

You can read about it in Stars and Stripes, which reports that the Army “. . . is suspending its tuition assistance program for soldiers newly enrolling in classes due to sequestration and other budgetary pressures . . . The Army’s announcement follows a similar move by the Marine Corps.”

Cutting tuition for soldiers? Can’t there be better ways to cut spending? The government, for example, could buy less soap for the washrooms in Federal office buildings. It could turn the heat down in Senate offices. It could stop making pennies, or stop delivering mail on Saturdays. (Oops, that last one already happened.)

Nope, our representatives didn’t do enough. But instead of pointing our fingers at them, we can do something ourselves, by contacting them and telling them not to cut tuition help or other benefits for members of our military.

If you don’t know who to contact or how, CLICK HERE to find your representatives

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