Gov. Pawlenty may not have the right name, but he’s got the right idea

Jaime Dalbke

Gov. Pawlenty may not have the right name, but he’s got the right idea

As we all know, politicians seem apt to make a few verbal gaffes in their careers (Joe Biden anyone?).  However, unlike a lot of exaggerated inaccuracies that come out of politicians’ mouths, Governor Tim Pawlenty only got one thing wrong with us – our name.

In an interview with “Good Morning Minnesota” on July 9, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was describing his conversation with “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart on June 10 about an “iCollege.”  His idea of an “iCollege” was that a student could pull up their college courses on an iPhone or iPad for the low price of $199.  While describing the benefits of online college courses, he mentioned us.  Well, kind of.  He called us “Straight Line,” but we’re glad he at least got the right idea.

The idea of a straight line is how we came up with our name.  Because we promise to give students an education that’s “less money, less time and less hassle,” we figured it should be as easy as drawing a straight line from college to your career.

Also, on the July 9 broadcast of “Good Morning Minnesota,” the governor praised our Freshman Year of College for $999 program.  He went on to predict that in the next 20 years, half of all college courses could be taken online.  He also argued that this type of learning was beneficial to all types of students – even those still in high school.

“It has a lot of appeal to non-traditional and even traditional students to be able to take at least some of their classes online, in a way that’s most convenient to them, over the Web,” said the governor.

Thanks governor, we think so, too.

And, one more thing, Governor Pawlenty.  We’re happy to have you mention us on the air, but please, next time set the record straight and get our name right.

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