Go to College...in 1986

Barry Lenson

How to recreate the college experience of 1986 – including the tuition

Who says you can’t turn back the hands of time? The fact is, you can attend college in 1986, starting today – and we aren’t kidding.

Here’s all you need to get started today . . .

Go buy yourself a nice new Apple IIe. If you spurge and but all the memory you can (48K) the machine will set you back about $2,600. But you’ll still have to spring for one or two external 5.25” floppy drives.

Buy a few 1986 bestsellers to read in your dorm. We’d recommend The Bourne Supremacy by Robert Ludlum or It by Stephen King.

Get a TV and a VCR for your dorm room so you can watch “Platoon,” which just won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Buy a pair of ballet legwarmers and wear them under a short demin skirt. (That advice pertains to women.) Do not confuse them with jeggings, which are the rage today in 2011.

Buy a few bottles of Mateus Rose wine for late-night dorm parties.

Snag a Sony Walkman and listen to Dionne Warwick sing “That’s What Friends Are For” on Dolby cassette.

You can even roll back your tuition bill to 1986 . . .

Sign up for the Freshman Year of College for $999 plan to roll back tuition costs to 1986. If you add a few more college courses to that plan, you can roll the clock back even further into the 1970s, when the Beatles ruled, or even earlier. There’s practically no limit.

It’s up to you. When you build your own program of study using college courses online . . . it always is.

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