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Barry Lenson

We’ve written about Western Governors University before on the StraighterLine blog. And with good reason. More and more students have been discovering the unique value and quality of WGU. At the same time, the University has been earning praise in newspapers, magazines, and on radio and television.

Some highlights . . .

  • Western Governors recently awarded its 20,000th degree.
  • More than 40,000 students are currently enrolled.
  • About 96% of students who have studied nursing at the University are currently employed.

About Western Governors University

Western Governors University (WGU), which was founded by a consortium of Governors from Western states, is a nonprofit, online university designed for working adults, using a competency-based learning model. According to Dr. Bob Mendenhall, WGU’s President, “We hold learning constant and let time vary, rather than holding time constant and letting learning vary.” In 2010, in keeping with its mission of offering low-cost, low-risk pathways into college, it became an early StraighterLine Partner College.

New Statistics Show that WGU Is Changing Lives for StraighterLine Students

A case study that was published in November provides these statistics that document that StraighterLine and Western Governors are working well together to help adult learners reach their educational goals . . .

  • By November 2012, more than 180 StraighterLine students had applied to WGU.
  • 99% of those students passed WGU’s entrance readiness assessment.
  • After starting studies at WGU, fewer than 4% of those students dropped out.
  • Students who passed the readiness exam were able to transfer in the credits that they had earned at StraighterLine.

WGU could be the university that changes your life too.

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