Give the Gift of Learning on Valentine's Day

Barry Lenson

Give the Gift of Learning on Valentine's Day

Are you giving your honey a box of chocolates on February 14th? If so, your lucky squeeze has a lot to look forward to. He or she will reach into the sampler box, pick out a chocolate, and then the surprise will come. It’s a creamy mint, or a syrupy cherry, or almond paste . . . a wonderful little delight that comes from you.

Gifts of StraighterLine courses are a lot like that too. You could pick out just one course, let your sweetie bite in and discover what’s inside. Will it be a course in English Composition, Algebra, or Chemistry? Or you could offer up a sampler box of different courses by paying for an entire freshman year of college for the incredible price of $999.

When you stop to think about it, investing in your loved one’s education sends a very clear message that you care about his or her happiness, success and career.  You are also building the future that you will have together.

So if you want to say I love you to someone on Valentine’s Day, we have a modest proposal for you. Give the gift of learning. Long after that box of chocolates fades into a sweet memory, the gift of learning will still be making a difference in your lives.


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