Give Mom the Gift of Learning on Mother's Day

Barry Lenson

Give Mom the Gift of Learning on Mother’s Day

Give Mom the Gift of Learning on Mother’s Day  Do you have a wonderful mother who deserves a ton of love and thanks on Mother’s Day?

If you do, you have enjoyed one of life’s greatest blessings. But here’s a suggestion for you. Along with the cards and the presents you are planning to give her, why not give her something else too? Why not give her the gift of learning?

Here are some college courses that could be just the right present for your mother . . .

  • If she has always wanted to write the Great American Novel, or simply to write her own life story or a family memoir, StraighterLine’s English Composition I course is a great place to start.
  • If she is thinking of getting back into the job market, why not give her the gift of a StraighterLine course in accounting, or our acclaimed Introduction to Business class.
  • If she is thinking of entering one of the fast-growing healthcare professions, StraighterLine has a great selection of online courses that can build her knowledge of the practical sciences.
  • If she is exercising, dieting and making healthy changes in her life, giving her StraighterLine’s Introduction to Nutrition course can be a great way to show her that you are on her side.

Those are only a few of the great courses you can give your mother this Mothers’ Day. Check out StraighterLine’s online course catalog to find even more. For as little as $99.00 per month plus $39 for every course your mom starts, you can give your mother the gift of learning on Mother’s Day.

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