Getting Your Credits Transferred: Two Ways to Avoid Headaches

Barry Lenson

June, the month for college graduation ceremonies, is nearly here. And chances are that you know a college senior who is telling a story like this right now . . .

“I took a course last summer at another school  . . . I did all the work . . . I got a grade . . . and now I am wondering whether my college will accept the credits. I need them to graduate next month!”

It’s no fun to be wondering whether you’ll be able to graduate from college. No fun either to be wondering whether you are going to have to take another course over the summer to make up the credits you are lacking.

How to Be Sure Your Credits Will Transfer

If you’re thinking of taking courses and then transferring the credits you earn to your regular college or university, here are two ways to make sure that the process will be easy . . .

  • Talk to your college’s registrar ahead of time to make sure that the course and its credits will be accepted. That sounds like pretty basic advice, but many students fail to observe it. They sign up for a course at community colleges, pay the fees, and then learn that their regular colleges will give them a hard time about accepting the credits they earned in the course. So the most basic advice is, discuss everything with your regular college before you enroll in a course elsewhere.
  • Take the courses you need at StraighterLine and transfer course credits easily to your college. That’s exactly what thousands of students have already done.  Learn more about Credit Transfer. Better yet, StraighterLine offers a Credit Transfer Guarantee that assures you that you won’t hit any glitches along the way.


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