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Barry Lenson

Dream DegreeAre you dreaming of getting a degree in nursing, healthcare, business, criminal justice . . . or something else?

No matter what degree you’re dreaming about, StraighterLine offers you an easier way to earn it. (Who says dreams don’t come true?)

To help you get started, StraighterLine is now offering you a series of free reports that can help you plan to earn just the degree you want, and start the career you’re aiming for . . .

  • Start Training Today for a Career in Healthcare is a free 19-page guide that you can download today.  The demand for trained medical support professionals is booming. With the right training, one of these jobs can be yours. But what are these jobs? What is the right training? This free guide helps you find out and take the right steps.
  • Start Training Today for a Nursing Career is a free 25-page report that is also available as an instant download.  There has never been a better time to become a nurse. The demand for nurses is increasing faster than nearly all other occupations. But for most nurses, it’s more than just a job: it’s a calling. Do you have what it takes?  Here’s how to earn your dream degree in nursing and start on your career.
  • Careers in Criminal Justice is a free 25-page guide that you can download free of charge. You’ll learn about the skills you need to enforce the law, what kind of educational credentials you need to start a career in criminal justice, and much more.

Or Are You Dreaming of a Different Degree?

If so, you will find that StraighterLine courses can get you started. From health to math, from history to psychology, you’ll find courses that will help you earn your dream degree and start your ideal career.

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