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Barry Lenson


If you’re an adult learner, you have already learned a lot about your chosen field. That’s the case with these people. Chances are that one of their stories will sound similar to yours . . .

  • Marina practically grew up in her family’s clothing store. She kept the books for payroll, expenses, and incoming revenue. “I know as much as any CPA ever could,” Marina says. “Why can’t I get college credit for what I already know and earn an accounting degree faster?”
  • Ken is a veteran who has a natural knack for math. Even though he hasn’t taken a math course since he was in high school, he knows that he could pass several college algebra classes without even trying. “Couldn’t I just get credits for that skill instead of sitting in a classroom for two semesters and paying a thousand dollars or more?” he asks.
  • Joanne works as a lab technician at a major pharmaceutical company. Now, she would like to go back to college and then go on to medical school. “It’s absurd to require me to take a lab science class and pay for all those credit hours. Isn’t there a way to get credit for what I have already done?”

The Answer Is . . .

The answer to Marina, Ken, and Joanne is simple. Yes, they can all get college credit for what they already know. And when they do, they will save time and money.

The question is, how can they find a college or other institution of higher learning that will let them turn their knowledge into college credit hours?

You can find the answers to that question in Going Back to College and the Competency-Based Model, a free new report from StraighterLine. There’s no cost and no obligation – just the information you need to decide whether competency-based education could shorten your path to a college degree.

Some Highlights from the Report . . .

To make the wisest decision about your educational future, you should read the entire free report.  In it, you will learn that some of today’s leaders in online education are also leaders in offering competency-based college education. They include . . .

All those institutions offer you the opportunity to put your past experience, skills, and knowledge to good use by allowing you to prove, through continual, real-time assessments, what you already know. They offer you the opportunity to move rapidly through material you already know by taking exams when you are ready, and slowing down as necessary when you encounter new or more challenging information.

And you have another option too.  You can take advantage of Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs) to bypass certain required course material altogether and take the fast track to earning college credits.

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