Gear You’ll Need to Study Online this Summer

Barry Lenson

Gear You’ll Need to Study Online this Summer

summer schoolSummer’s coming soon and you’ll need some new gear to make the most of it. Let’s see. First, you’ll need some fun stuff . . .

  • Sunscreen? Check!
  • New swimwear? Check!
  • Summer rental? Check!
  • New kayak, Jet Ski or other fun device? Check!
  • Two or three bestsellers to pass the time? Check!

Okay, you’re set. But while you are planning all the fun, why not also plan to put the summer to good academic use? Even if you have only one or two weeks of downtime, you can take a few college courses online to explore a new field or prepare for a course that you’ll be taking in September. You can even start college in a cost-effective online way.

So here’s another checklist of stuff you’ll need . . .

  • A robust online backup service, so you won’t lose your files if your hard drive crashes or your laptop falls out of your canoe? Check!
  • Office suite and other software you’ll need to complete your coursework? Check!
  • Textbooks you’ll need for your courses – preferably digital versions that you don’t have to lug around? Check.

There, you’re ready to have a great summer by using both halves of your brain – the fun half and the serious half. Not sure which half is which, but have a great summer.

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