Fun How-To Videos from Teach Student Skills

Barry Lenson

Fun How-To Videos from Teach Student Skills

With the fall semester about to start, this would be a good time to polish up some September survival skills.
Fortunately, a company called has been creating a steady stream of instructive videos lately. They’re fun, sort of silly, but they also offer a useful pointer or two on skills that you students can use.

Here’s a selection of HowCast videos that you can watch on YouTube . . . 

Video One: How to Avoid Getting Called on in Class 

Video Two: How to Study for a Long Time without Getting Bored 

Video Three: How to Pass the Test when You Haven’t Read the Book 

Video Four: How to Wake up Early when You Absolutely Have to 

Video Five: How to Function on Little Sleep

Video Six: How to Fall Asleep Fast

Video Seven: How to Build a Fort in Your Room

Video Eight: How to Look Taller

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