Free Videos to Help You Learn Algebra Faster

Barry Lenson

If you’re studying college algebra, here’s some good news for you. StraighterLine is now offering algebra videos on its YouTube channel. They’re free, they offer in-depth guidance – and because there are 76 videos in all, you’re sure to find immediate help for any algebra question that’s got you stumped.

Be sure to check them all out – chances are that there is one that will help you tackle any problem you’re facing today. Here’s just a small selection . . .

  • How to Add and Subtract Rational Expressions
  • How to Decompose a Composite Function
  • How to Divide One Polynomial by Another
  • How to Evaluate a Piecewise-Defined Function
  • How to Factor Polynomials
  • How to Find an Inverse Function
  • How to Find the Axis of Symmetry
  • How to Graph a Function and Its Inverse
  • How to Graph a Line Given a Point and its Slope
  • How to Graph a Linear Equation
  • How to Graph Multiple Transformations
  • How to Multiply Polynomials
  • How to Simplify Rational Expressions
  • How to Solve Absolute Value Inequalities
  • How to solve Distance, Rate, and Time Equations
  • How to Solve Double Inequalities
  • How to Solve Equations with Non-Real Solutions
  • How to Solve Operations with Radical Expressions
  • How to Solve Problems with Projectiles

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