StraighterLine’s Free eTextBooks Eliminate Costs, Adds Convenience for Online Students

StraighterLine’s Free eTextBooks Eliminate Costs, Adds Convenience for Online Students
Beth Dumbauld

Online students can take their courses anywhere, anytime. So shouldn’t they be able to access their textbooks online as well? For free, if possible? At StraighterLine, our mission is to help students reach their educational goals by providing an affordable and convenient way to earn online college credit. So, to provide an even greater value to our students -- to make our courses even more affordable and more convenient -- we now include StraighterLine eTextbooks for free with our courses.

You asked. We listened. At StraighterLine, we realize that one major obstacle standing in the way of college student achievement is the extraordinary cost of textbooks. We’ve seen the great lengths our students have gone through to track down affordable textbooks, wasting valuable time and money. Now you’ll have immediate access to the right eTextbook -- available anywhere, anytime -- and for free.

Benefits of StraighterLine eTextbooks

  • Always Available - Students can jump right into the assigned reading materials with just a click from their course. StraighterLine eTextbooks and online course format allow students  to complete courses--and access course content--on their schedule.
  • Portable - Students can download course material to a smartphone, tablet or computer to save time when without internet access.
  • Student Friendly - Students are able to bookmark, highlight, and add notes to important passages across all devices.
  • Flexible - Students can complete assignments on their smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Sync-Enabled - Your eTextbook has the capability to remember your place and sync between devices so you can continue exactly where you left off.
  • Printable - Print on-demand for offline reading.
  • Accessible - Take advantage of the text-to-speech option to match your preferred learning style.

At StraighterLine, we’re proud to help our students save even more money and time -- and increase their educational success -- with our free eTextbook program.

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