Four Ways to Save Money and Finish Your Degree Faster

Barry Lenson

Finish Your Degree FasterIf money and time don’t matter, it’s pretty simple to go back to college to finish your degree. You simply enroll in a college, sign up and pay list price for the courses you need, and that’s about it.

But if you’d like to save both time and money, you need some smarter strategies like these . . .

  1. Earn credit for what you already know. The College Level Proficiency (CLEP) exam is one way to do it. So are Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) tests that are offered at some colleges. (They are sometimes also called Portfolio Learning Assessment tests.) Thomas Edison State College is one college that helps students use take PLA tests to earn credit.
  2. Take Advanced Placement (AP) classes and exams and place out of college courses. You can take AP classes if you are currently enrolled in high school. If you are an adult who wants to take AP classes to earn college credit, some AP classes are becoming available online, such as StraighterLine’s Economics I: Macroeconomics, Economics II: Microeconomics, English Composition, and General Calculus I. CLICK HERE to learn more about taking AP classes online.
  3. Earn college credit for the skills you learned in the military. It really is possible. To learn more, visit the American Council on Education’s website for military students and veterans.
  4. Use economically priced online courses to complete your core curriculum requirements before transferring to a college. StraighterLine offers a simplified way to do it, plus a variety of course bundles that let you complete courses at remarkably low cost.

So, Can You Save Money and Time when You Go Back to College?

Yes, you can! To discuss even more options, call a StraighterLine enrollment counselor toll-free at (877)787-8375.

How to Cut the Costs of College
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