For Moms Going Back To School, A Thank You From The Future

Beth Dumbauld

By Beth Dumbauld

Dear Moms Going Back to College,

Thank you Mom for believing in your academic and career potential even when times got tough. You never abandoned your college dreams even when the busy-ness of life got in the way. Your persistence, diligence, and flexibility paid off. By taking college courses online, and earning your degree, you are successful proof that: It is Never Too Late to Earn Your College Degree

Thank you Mom for taking college courses, even when you had a new baby. You were tired, so very tired – yet you persevered. Sure, it was almost easy to lose sight of your dreams in the day-to-day of the mundane, yet you kept focus. Because you enrolled in college courses online, in the midst of changing diapers and spinning laundry, you were able to develop competencies beyond the art of spit-up and meltdown management: Going to College After a Baby: One Nap at a Time

Thank you Mom for not getting that double Justin (Bieber, Timberlake) tattoo on a dare during Mom’s Night Out. Instead, you chose to ink your brain with knowledge. Smart move. You’re happy, thriving, and have far more meaning in your life than a tattooed tribute could provide. Education, like a tattoo is forever, but as a mom, you know first-hand that true power comes from within: Women and the Power of a Higher Education

Thank you Mom for being a working mom who went back to college. You worked out of, and in the, home. You worked for your family and for yourself. You worked on taking college classes and earning your college degree. You worked on getting a promotion and keeping yourself relevant in the modern workforce. You worked on your kids’ happiness and your own fulfillment. You worked and successfully went back to college as a mom, a huge accomplishment, and it’s paid off. You’re living proof: Working While Going to College: It Can Be Done

Thank you Mom for going back to college without sacrificing your family’s financial health. By taking online college courses for credit and transferring those credits to a college where you can earn your degree, you were able to fit classes flexibly into your life without going into debt: How to Fit College into a Family Budget

Thank you to all moms going back to college everywhere, every day. You’re making it happen. Congratulations and Happy Mother’s Day!

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One thought on “For Moms Going Back To School, A Thank You From The Future”

  • Mommy Madness

    This is absolutely true!!! I went back to school full time, worked full time and had three kids. In my first year of my master's, I was pregnant and then had a newborn baby while taking classes. Anyone can do it if it important enough. And, your children will be so proud and learn a huge lesson.

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