Finding a Flexible Path to a Criminal Justice Degree: A StraighterLine Success Story

Beth Dumbauld

success_story_Nancy_AmorosoNancy Amoroso worked in the criminal justice field for over 20 years, but had never earned her degree. And that was fine for a couple decades - until it wasn’t.

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Years ago, having a bachelor’s degree wasn’t the requirement it is now is for police officers, or others criminal justice positions. These days, if you want to be competitive in the criminal justice job marketplace, or move up in the ranks - you need a bachelor’s degree.

Nancy has been around long enought to witness this change first hand:

“A lot of my colleagues are in the same position as I am - needing to go back to school [after years on the job] in order to qualify for advancement.”

Nancy is serious about being a leader in her field. In order to continue to have opportunities to lead at the highest level in her profession, that meant she needed to get serious about completing her college degree.

“After taking a StraighterLine class, I came back raving. I told everyone that I found the answer (to completing general education courses).”

Choosing Bellevue University for a Bachelor’s Degree

She chose to earn her criminal justice degree from StraighterLine partner college, Bellevue University, partly because she needed a degree program that was 100% online, affordable, and with a great reputation, but also because the school would enable her to complete her degree in less time.

“There’s tons of schools you can transfer your [StraighterLine] credits to. If you need to get your gen ed courses done, I would absolutely do them at StraighterLine.”

Like many adult students, Nancy had attended college previously, and had a stockpile  of previously earned credits. Bellevue offered her the opportunity to use the credits she already earned, and avoid paying for material she had already learned.

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Since Bellevue has a partnership with StraighterLine, Nancy was also able to take advantage of StraighterLine’s transfer credit guarantee. By enrolling in StraighterLine’s college algebra, Nancy was able to conveniently complete her last required course in a month, get the help and credit she needed, and graduate on time.

“College Algebra was the last thing I needed for my degree. StraighterLine provided me exactly what I needed in order to graduate on time!”

How to Find Success with Online Courses

Since completing college algebra, and earning her degree, Nancy has become a huge fan of – and advocate for – StraighterLine. Here are just few of the things she loved about her StraighterLine experience:

  • Tutors - “StraighterLine provides tutoring, which is nice. I’d be studying at 2am - and I would be able to reach out and get help!”
  • Flexible & Affordable - “StraighterLine is flexible. I liked the structure of the courses, and it was 100% online.”
  • Sets You Up for Success  - “Great support. The course is structured so it tells you exactly what you need to do. Student Advisors are there for questions. It sets you up for success!”

When we spoke, Nancy had just earned her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Bellevue. While celebrating her success at dinner with friends and family, a waiter couldn’t help catch on to her infectious joy, and asked what she was celebrating.

She spoke of earning her degree online, as well as the help she found at StraighterLine. With such a glowing recommendation, and a need to complete a few general education courses for his degree, the waiter took down her StraighterLine recommendation on the spot.

As Nancy says best, “I believe in paying good things forward, particularly things that I believe in strongly, like StraighterLine.”

At StraighterLine, we believe in our students. Thank you all for continuing to inspire us each day.

And - congratulations Nancy!

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