Finding a Flexible and Affordable Way to Complete Prerequisites Online: A StraighterLine Success Story.

Beth Dumbauld

20150428_192522Peretz Cohen knew what he wanted out of his college experience – affordability, flexibility, and a great IT degree program – he just needed to find a way to get it.

Eager to enter the workforce, Peretz was interested in finding a school that offered flexible online education options - including majors that would help propel him into a successful career in information technology. After researching several colleges online, he found exactly what he wanted at StraighterLine partner college, Bellevue University.

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A Degree in Computer Information Systems

Excited by the technology degree options available online at Bellevue, he enrolled in the school’s bachelor’s program in Computer Information Systems. He also decided to pursue an additional major in specialty application development. When he learned more about Bellevue’s partnership with StraighterLine, and that StraighterLine’s low cost general education courses were guaranteed to transfer to Bellevue, he realized that he had also found the answer to his college affordability and flexibility needs.

“My goal was to reduce at least a semester off the time it takes me to graduate. With StraighterLine, I am able to graduate sooner.”

Saving on his degree was critical to Peretz. He didn’t want to go deep into debt because of college. He also knew that he wanted to find a way to complete his degree faster so he could graduate sooner. Like many savvy students today, he realized the quicker he graduated, the less he would pay for his degree – and the faster he could go after his career goals.

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Earning College Credit in a Structured Way

But first he needed to make a decision around earning college credit for his degree. Prior to enrolling in StraighterLine courses, he had  taken several CLEP tests in order to earn college credit at the recommendation of some friends, but when he thought about it and experienced it, he realized that test taking for credit was a high-risk proposition.

“Instead of studying blindly for a test, StraighterLine offers a structured way to learn course material, and complete college-level courses.”

He also added that he liked being “fully able to enjoy the StraighterLine experience without having to rush through quizzes.”

Finding Success and Savings With Online Courses

With StraighterLine, Peretz successfully completed several of the general education courses required for his degree at Bellevue University, including Anatomy & Physiology I, Introduction to Communications, and Business Statistics.

His advice to other students looking to successfully complete college classes online? From “a practical perspective,” Peretz advises, “get the textbooks, and go over them along with course material.” He also adds, “By taking required classes like statistics through StraighterLine, you can save a bundle!”

Peretz plans on earning his Bachelor’s in Information Systems from Bellevue University in October. After he graduates, he plans on starting his career in the technology industry. Congratulations Peretz!

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