5 Things Working Moms Should Think About before Going Back to School

Barry Lenson

Five Things Working Moms Should Think About before Going Back to School

According to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), more than 60 percent of online students today are women. And the majority of those women are over age 25.

Of course, there are reasons for this trend.  Online education has made it easier than ever before for working women – and working mothers too – to complete college.

If you would like to join their numbers, here are some considerations to think about as you plan:

1.Find out if your employer offers tuition assistance or other financial support for online study. Now that distance learning has become the educational option of choice for many adults, more employers are willing to help cover the costs of studying online.

2.If you attended college previously, contact the registrar at the colleges that interest you to find out how to transfer credits that you earned earlier on. With college costs rising dramatically, you can save money by making sure that credits you earned earlier are not lost.

3.Investigate the costs of online institutions before enrolling. It is a mistake to think that “online” translates to “low cost.” In fact, many of the more familiar online universities cost nearly as much as traditional colleges.

4.Don’t fall victim to hard sell tactics. Many training schools and for-profit online universities recruit students very aggressively. During your application process, some of them will offer to qualify you for government loans or grants. If you hear pitches like that, step back and consider your options carefully. You don’t want to graduate owing a lot of money.

5.If you are targeting a particular career, speak with people who are in that profession already.  Also speak with companies where you might like to work after you graduate and ask what kind of training they look for in the people they hire.

The bottom line? If you’re a working mother and you want to get the most from online learning, be sure to ask the right questions before you start.

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