Five Strategies for Students who Want to Land their First Jobs

Barry Lenson

Five Strategies for Students who Want to Land their First Jobs

Five Strategies for Students who Want to Land their First Jobs

Are you about to graduate from college? If so, congratulations. But . . . how are you going to get a job?

As everyone knows, competition for available jobs is fierce in today’s workplace. But don’t despair. Use these strategies to get an advantage over your competition . . .

Sheer speed! Create a list of potential employers and visit their Websites daily. As soon as you see a job listed, customize your resume and apply immediately. Your goal is to be among the first candidates to apply - before the job is advertised on or other external job boards.

Stay in touch with your former classmates. They can be terrific sources of information about jobs. Some of them have already gotten jobs, and can help you get interviews with their new companies. Others are out there looking for jobs, and can alert you to companies that are hiring. So keep communicating with the students you met in school and let them know about job opportunities that you have discovered. Once you tell them, they will alert you to opportunities too.

Make the most of the great professional contacts you made during your college years. Your instructors – especially if they are adjunct teachers who are out working in the field - are well connected in their professions. Let them help you land for that first job. The same holds true for the professionals you met while doing internships. They have seen you perform in real-world settings, so don’t be shy about asking them about employment opportunities in their companies.

Join online groups for members of your profession. Both and have groups that serve as forums for just about any profession you can think of - from graphic designers to game designers to medical support professionals. So join and take part. Because many group members list employment opportunities within the forums, you can be the first to know about available jobs.

Be on the watch for business news in your community. If you review local newspapers and online community bulletin boards weekly, you will learn about new businesses that are hiring in your area. And remember, local newspapers often publish news about people who have gotten or changed jobs – perhaps a neighbor of yours has just taken a new job at a company where you would like to work.

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