Five Reasons Distance Learning is Good for Love

Barry Lenson

Distance LearningAs the old saying goes, “In spring a young man or woman’s fancy turns to love.”

Of course, that’s true. So why has the traditional school year been set up so that just when students start thinking about love, they have to study for finals and write term papers? It borders on the sadistic. Why not let students off the hook, let them get outdoors, let them get together, and watch the romantic sparks fly, right?

take online classes anywhereBut here’s some good news. Taking classes online  instead of in the classroom is better for romance for some very clear reasons . . .

  1. No more distance relationships.  You remember them. They happen when you are going to North Dakota State Agricultural College and your main squeeze is attending the University of South Southern Florida.  Today if one member of a romantic pair is a distance learner, he or she can simply grab a laptop and follow a “main squeeze” anyplace, any time.  
  2. You don’t have to take your final exams in the spring, when your thoughts really are turning to love.  You can take StraighterLine courses any time you want. In cold and dark December, for instance. That leaves your warm months free for frolicking and romance.
  3. “I am going to college online” is good opening line that you can deliver to attractive people. Despite the fact that more and more people are going to college online these days, it still has the allure to set you apart from all the other students who are walking around in t-shirts printed with “Dweeb State” on their fronts.
  4. Flexibility. No more, “Honey, I can’t go to the East Coast Beach Volleyball Open with you this weekend because my Human Physiology class meets on Friday night.” Nope, just grab your laptop, head for the beach and watch the long lanky volleyballers kick sand in the faces of local college students.
  5. You have more money for romantic stuff. Since you’re spending tons less on college, you can invite your honey to a nice restaurant instead of up to your room for a packet of ramen noodles made with an immersion coil. That’s better. Heck, you might even be able to have a cooler car with the money you save, and a cooler car can be romantic.

Those are five reasons why distance learning and romance work beautifully together. Know any more? Why not tell us about them here?

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