Finish Your First Year (or More) of College at StraighterLine

Finish Your First Year (or More) of College at StraighterLine
Beth Dumbauld

Today’s post is the last in our series of 12 practical tips on how to save money on college.

Today’s saving money on college tip is:

Take Your First Year (or More) of College at StraighterLine.

Have you ever considered taking a full year of college courses online? Whether you’re going back to college as an adult learner, or starting college right after high school, online courses can help you save thousands of dollars on your degree.

Let's do the math. When you enroll at StraighterLine, you can take our low-cost for credit general education courses starting at $59 with our $99 monthly membership.

Compare that to the average published college tuition and fees rates for undergraduates for 2013-2014 according to The College Board:

  • Public 2-Year (In-State): $3,264
  • Public 4-Year (In-State): $8,893
  • Private Nonprofit 4-Year: $30,094
  • For-Profit: $15,130

Even if you are thinking of going to your local community college, you’d save more than half by taking StraighterLine courses. And if you were planning on going to a private nonprofit 4-year school, you would save over 96% in tuition and fees! And that doesn’t even take into account room and board.

If you were thinking of going to your local community college, you’d save more than half by taking StraighterLine courses instead.

Also, you don't have to stop at your first year of college. What if you completed a third semester or even a second year worth of courses with StraighterLine? Our monthly membership is $99, plus your one-time per course fee (starting at $59). StraighterLine offers students a great way to get cheap college credits and prepare for success in a rigorous online college environment.

Once you complete your courses, your credits are guaranteed to transfer to one of the nearly 100 accredited schools in our colleges savings network or be considered for transfer through ACE CREDIT to hundreds of participating colleges and universities. Plus, once you complete 4 courses through StraighterLine, you automatically become eligible for a partner college scholarship, which can help you save up to 60% on your degree.

Today’s scholarship highlight is:

scholarship_WIU_0914Save up to 44% on your degree with the Western International University Partner Benefit & StraighterLine.

Western International University is one of the participating StraighterLine Partner Colleges that has designed a partner benefit especially for StraighterLine transfer students to help cover the cost of tuition.

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete just 4 StraighterLine courses to be eligible for the Western International University Partner Benefit.
  • Take the maximum number of courses at StraighterLine that fit into your degree program and save up to 44% on your degree from Western International University.

It’s easy to qualify. There are no essays, lengthy applications or deadlines. All you need to do is complete four StraighterLine courses and transfer them to Western International University.

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